Lean In Queensland

The Future is Equality


Our purpose is to advocate for and champion gender equality in Australia, and deliver programs for Lean In Circles that support women’s right to equal choices, equal opportunities and equal chances to achieve their aspirational goals.


The Lean In Queensland Network is on a mission to support Lean In Circle leaders throughout Queensland.

We believe there is a compelling need for increased efforts to help Lean In Circles and Networks increase their impact on empowering women across Queensland through a range of connection, communication and collaboration programs.

TOGETHER - we are stronger

TOGETHER - we can drive change

TOGETHER - we will make a greater difference

What We Do

  • Provide support and networking opportunities for Lean In Circle Leaders in Queensland
  • Connect affiliated Lean In Circles to programs that empower women and girls to build leadership skills and combat bias.
  • Support programs that build a culture of equality and opportunity for increasing the representation of women in leadership and influencer roles.
  • Strongly advocate for institutional and cultural change so that women are treated as equals and supporting more women in leadership roles.

Management Committee


Jilinda Lee


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